There are so many different possible applications...

And we've yet to find something that can't be improved, enhanced and whose value cannot be increased with the right equipment.

Here are just a few of the applications the machines have been used for so far, tableware, glassware, tiles, cookware, flat glass, candles, bottles, spark plugs, stainless steel items of all different shapes and sizes In fact, any item that would benefit from better product marking or superior decoration

Application machines can be built to your particular specification and decal systems can be developed to suit new materials and applications.



  • Automatically applies decals to hollowware, casseroles, glass tumblers and other similar shaped items.
  • Speeds of up to 26 pieces per minute. Guarantees high yields, exceptional quality and fast set up.
  • Application of decals to larger bottles and containers.
  • Multi headed units can achieve any application rate giving a durable, high quality label with exact register at speeds to match existing production lines.
  • An alternative version can be hand operated to provide the same exacting quality at lower output rates.
  • Applies backstamps, logos and badges to flat and curved surfaces. Can be adapted to apply to flatware or holloware.
  • Can backstamp the base or badge the outer body of cups and mugs etc
  • Applies decals to large flat panels of glass and other materials.
  • Production rate of up to 6 metres per minute. Accepts panels in 'portrait' or 'landscape' configuration.
  • Ensures accurate decal to panel registration. Produces high quality decoration with one pass.

Automatic application of decals to candles and other cylindrical items at a decal application speed of up to 20 items per minute. Decal positioning is consistently accurate

Operation of this machine can be seen on our YOUTUBE channel here.

  • Applies decals to smaller flat panels, tiles, mirrors etc.
  • Ensures accurate decal application at affordable rates. Can even decorate complex profiles. Production rates of up to 20 pieces per minute
  • Applies decals to small items such as spark plugs. Can configure precisely with existing spark plug production units. Application speed of up to 60 pieces per minute.
  • Can also be used for the decoration of perfume bottles etc.

Operation of this machine can be seen on our YOUTUBE channel here.

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